Inside England's mental health units

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“I didn't get any leave at all”

Mental health patients unable to leave hospital when pandemic hit

The pandemic has led to reductions in the leave patients were granted from mental health wards. Although lockdown restrictions have been easing, leave is still behind pre-pandemic levels.

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“People shouldn’t have to reach crisis point before they can access the care and support they need”

Patients sent home because of a lack of beds

An analysis into how available beds, occupancy rates and the ratio of detained to informal patients in mental health inpatient services are affecting patient care and the accessibility of services

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"It's not frivolous, it's not just decoration, it's an important part of someone's care journey"

The charity bringing colour to mental health wards

Mental health wards can often be white, bland and clinical. The charity Hospital Rooms is here to change that.

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Reforming the Mental Health Act: what the public said and how the government responded

An overview over what has happened so far and why changes are necessary

The government has published its response to the Reforming the Mental Health Act White Paper consultation last week. What are key issues? And what will happen next?

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